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How to make your home more eco-friendly.

Climate change is all the rage right now, so since we care so much about our planet, we are going to talk about, how you can make your home more ecofriendly. You might be thinking that there isn’t much to change, but you are wrong, there is plenty to change and if you do your part, you will feel better knowing that you’ve helped your planet.

So what can you do to make your home more eco-friendly?

Well for starters we can begin by removing and recycling any plastic part in your house and replacing it with wood or steel. Plastic is the biggest killer of our planet and our home is the biggest safe house for plastic, we collect it and throw it all at once, this kills our planet. What we can do is replace home items like kitchen appliances that are made of plastic. This week we replaces all of our plastic food eating items like forks and knifes with steel & we changed our big cooking spoons with wooden spoons. This didn’t cost must and we were able to recycle our plastic for cheap. We even got a credit bonus from home depot for recycling our kitchen appliances.

Why having an aspirator is better for the environment and your health?

Having an aspirator in your kitchen may seem like a stupid idea, they are expensive and they don’t really help with cleaning the steam or smoke when you cook. Well despite their poor cooking performance, they are better for your health and for the environment and here is why.

Your body needs fresh air and when you cook without an aspirator you breed all the cooking smoke and even worse if you have a gas cooker, you inhale the gas fumes which may be damaging to your health.

Without an aspirator, the smoke usually gets stuck at your walls, which usually damages your walls over time. Damaged walls means that you’ll have to replace them, which usually means using more materials that damages the environment.

These are just an example of what you can do to help our beloved planet, the change is small but if we all do our part then we can all count on that our planet will remain better.